An ode to winter love

A love story in a winter wonderland

In a fluorescent lit cottage covered by snowy sand

With patches of vibrant colors in the pale marvel

Decorated on the white world like a pretty apparel

Amidst the shower of picturesque snow flakes

I remember our walks around the frozen lakes

Our talks with blushes and smiles melting our hearts

That year even winter was warmer on the charts!

You remember the midnight sun brightening our nights,

And our first kiss under the spectacle of northern lights,

I floated up the sky and mountains of height,

The feeling of being loved was my greatest delight..

But love is blurry in its illusionary wintery glow,

you walked away leaving footprints on the snow,

I searched for your sign day and night,

But you were gone forever from my desperate sight.

Sometimes I feel you were a dream come true,

Or a dream that could never have been sure,

But it’s an imaginary tale of a winter wonderland

Its started white and ends with lonely snowy sands.

Impressions of your love shaped on my heart

Your footprints as a souvenir which will never depart!

By Rain Alchemist


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