A beautiful mind

A story of a beautiful mind

Twisted but always kind

Forever guides an easy way,

“Push yourself hard “ what the world says

Dear mind, what are we together?

Were we ever made for each other?

Am I you, are we the same?

Or two different entities

with a common name..

At times to decides,

Our action divides,

What has to be a conclusion

Becomes a huge confusion

To what I ever agree

Why do you disagree

We were friends, not foe?

Why we stooped so low..

It’s time for a change

As we are deranged

You are a possession of mine

Gifted by the ultimate divine

While our struggle remains

This is still not the end game

We can conquer feats together

If we try and trust each other

For its a story of a beautiful mind

Very precious, one of a kind!!

By Rain Alchemist


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