My vagabond

I am a fixed constant, here where I belong,

She is my vagabond tied in a vow ages long,

She introduced me to the world through the magic of books,

From the glimpse of authors the way existence should look,

Varied perspectives and philosophies that always kept me hooked.

She played the music that filled me with contemptus glee,

Like an enchanting shell hymning song of the sea.

We spoke of flowers and bees in cheerful spring,

How they colorfully bloom, hop, dance and sing.

In the summer we praised the majestic sun,

How it burns bright for the vast galaxies to run,

Not to forget the warm message the arid winds carry,

blissfully touching us on a serene lake in a small ferry.

Then came the rain wild, rough and strong,

Washing our hearts from the drying pain that prolongs,

we talked of mountains how they bath in monsoon, releasing gathered warmth thus wetting their feet,

They make themselves cold, to honor the wintery groom, as they are ready to wear blanket covered of snow sheets.

Lost loves and divine tragedies were stories of fall,

Separation is inevitable in a bond big or small,

Like the story of the tree and leaf bright and green,

Artistically deranged as red or orange in an Autumn sheen.

Winter was harsh and cold in the comfort of our quilts,

Bone chilling full moon nights making our wills to wilt,

But it was a time for spine tingling campfire tales,

Burning fireplace splinters, our anxieties up scaled,

It’s was a time of exhilarating desires, little we shivered, little we burnt like fire..

While we lived seasonal tales of the normal,

We also dived into mystical realms of paranormal,

Ghosts, cryptids, bizarre tales with inter dimensional travels,

Like a child we had fantastical secrets to unravel.

I remember we watched eclipses and blood moons together,

And wondered about the power of the cosmos and the puzzle they tether.

I am a fixed constant, here where I belong,

She is my vagabond tied in a vow ages long,

I have lived these moments time and again,

Sometimes remembering as joy,sometimes as pain

While her essence always surrounds,

She is a bond that will keep moving around,

Like any tale we do split apart, but still strong too forever depart..

By Rain Alchemist


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