I Don’t know why I broke

I know it was right whatever you spoke,

But still I don’t know why I broke,

I fell on surface of my self-designed feeling,

With an incurable pain incapable of healing…

Was my fate like those delicate wine glasses?

it always has to shatter even on the velvety carcasses,

you said, for you it does not matter…

did you know for me, it was only you who mattered?

I feel, I am standing at the edge of your heart’s door…

it’s so dark within, nothing my mind can explore…

will you not allow me in, will you not show me the unseen.

will you not make a space for me within, will you not ask me where have you been?

I thought you were the reflection of my heart,

but never realized why we fell apart,

you told me, reflections are unreal like ghostly apparition,

what’s real is, our separation…

Was my love only capable of your rejection?

was I wrong, when I felt our souls had a connection…!!

I know it was right whatever you spoke,

but still I don’t know why I broke…



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