Look at those red eyes

Look at those red eyes,

Portrayal of sophistication and feeling so high,

Are they result of past cries or deep sighs,

Or left alone in the vast world without anyone to rely,

Look deeper and deeper into those red eyes,

All those long years they have become so dry,

Once full of emotion it had tears to cry,

Fear to express and for someone to die….

look at those red eyes…

what’s its truth within and what it lies

Look at those red eyes..

They have lost the power to cry

what they look at what they hide

Remains a mystery within the colour so bright…

They are dead within the aura of red

They seek no one they don’t move ahead

Fixed on the past, oh the past is dead

With nothing to expect and nothing to get

lingers in this word with the colour so red

Look at those red eyes…

Nothing it said

but still so bright but also dead……


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