Have you ever wonder our entire existence is entangled, 

Our beautiful mind is a powerful mesh of entangled thoughts provoking networks, 

Our gut is an entangled circuit which just does not process foods but feelings too.. 

Our strength is an entanglement of nerves and muscles that determine our will.. 

And your vitality is an entangled connection of organ which gives us a chance called life!! 

Our galactic system is a celestial entanglement of marveled planets

Stars are an entangled arrangement of cosmic dust, 

Earthly sands are entangled grains that determine our space and boundaries

And the in between is an entanglement of diverse coexisting beings

Our human emotions are entangled too

Pain is entangled with the weight of despair 

Love is entangled with taut grip of care

A friendship is entangled with faith and trust 

Loneliness is entangled with absence of rest

When everything is so much entangled, so are we, then why do we seek for freedom?Β 


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