Time to see through the Doors

I closed my eyes to allow in my head, the regular thoughts to pour,

But my wanderer brain had a different plan, to take me to a never forgetting tour,

A voice screaming loud in my mind, like the heavy winds that roared,

Saying, Maybe it’s time for you to see through the doors….

As if elevated from my numb fragile body, into the void I soared,

to find a land unlike I ever saw, with frequently changing maps and contours,

Surprised by the silvery shiny droplets, falling from the eternity to the agile floor,

Mercury!! Mercury!! A rain of mercury I wailed, a gleaming bright Downpour,

voice said again, Maybe it’s time for you to see through the doors…

I glided like a bird in the space fabricated by the new universe,

hawking and experiencing the imaginative world no human that ever traversed…

Passing over the mysterious labyrinth and panorama of crimson grasses with greyish blooms,

I approached the cosmos beholding two sun’s and multiple moons…

Startled by the undefined multi-dimensional spectre, and the celestial endeavour,

I heard the voice again, it’s time for you to see through the doors…

Suddenly I felt stuck and stagnated in a never ending eternity,

Except the familiar voice there was nothing else in near vicinity,

I realized the speculative doubts I always raised on human reality,

I understood the egocentric hatred I bestowed when people displayed normality…

When my ingenious self-introduced me to the theory of duality…

The voice echoed again, declaring, questioning something that cannot be explored…

Is maybe because, it’s still not the time to see through the doors…

As if awoken by the consciousness, I opened my eyes, confused if I was alive,

The bright daylight broke my surprise, I was back from my journey of afterlife…

I travelled through the realms where time like us is just a matter, but in our world it’s all that matters..

Time quickly slips by in our lives, if not grabbed rightly our existence can shatter

Understanding the concept of duality is never possible without knowing our reality…

I couldn’t hear the voice anymore, but i knew what i have procured…

I knew, this time I have seen through the door…

If you hear the voice within, do not avoid the feeling,

Unleash your soul to take the eternal tour,

Maybe!! It’s would be the time for you to see through the doors!!


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