A night in the season of fall

A story of a night in season of fall, When the 

 cold October wind was on a  mystical prowl,
and, Tick tock tick tock was the  clock on the wall,

 at the corner of  the room a dark shadow stood  tall, 

On the side of the bed sat a  grinning tattered doll, 

marching on my floor were the wee folk so small,
I look at the windows were knot of snakes crawl, 

An upright animal with blood red eye balls, , 

Stared at me from the center of the hall, 

A horrific  ensemble of bizzare, i witnessed all

Strange noises, wicked grins and vicious  growls

In fear I had to take a spiritual call, 

Protected by ancient chants to end it all, 

Such an experience should never befall, 

On an eerie nights where weirdness puts a stall.

But there is something about the fall, 

When the cold October wind

 is on a mysterious prowl.. 


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