A push of motivation

Imagine life as a run, what are we running from? 

Ghosts of our negative emotions 

Fear, guilt, sorrow and pain, they chase you

Until you reach a point from  where you can’t return back, your only choice is at this place 

A place as tall as any mountain, I call it as cliff of hope

All that is needed is a jump, a push to hit the harsh

Wind and the calm blue water called as goal , to leave behind all that has troubled you for a very long time…

But sometimes we are stuck, we fear to take that Jump of our lives, and all that’s needed is a push

A push that changes you, which makes you believe, the echoes of your hard work is more stronger than your pain, a push that gives you the confidence, one day you will dive into the serene blue waters and take a dip of your life… A Push that will make your run worth living.. 


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