About Winter

Cold bitter winters, have always been the darkest time of the year. But it is in our human nature to fight darkness by replacing it with light.. Light symbolizes hope.. Hope can translate to joy and happiness.. But if all that is missing.. You are just left with dark, harsh, long chilly nights..probably  thats why Christmas is so special in our hearts. 

There is always a sense of  mystery I have felt, even though I haven’t travelled to far corners embraced by the dead cold.. For most of my life I lived nearby equator so days or night are the same as light or darkness… But when I think of a wintery night.. It invokes an excitement in me.. As if there is no certainty what I may stumble upon, maybe an ancient myth, a christmas miracle, a yuletide monster or my true self, if I imagine myself out,  alone on any such chilly nights.

I do live in a bright world with winter in my heart..  Which no warmer days have melted.Sure I am cozy in my bed contemplating my thoughts to find a reason to not feel numb. As winter does both, It makes you pale and numb. But it also comes with a tingling sense of secrets What has been this eternal mystery? I may never want to find.. For this spirit of wintery Christmas, will never die inside me.. 



  1. You make dark and winter sound beautiful–and they are, but they’re also hard to cope with. I lived in Minnesota (American state, halfway across the country and up by the Canadian border, so cold, cold, cold) for 40 long years and came to hate the cold. It hurts. You can dress for it, but even so some part of you is always cold–your fingers, your toes, your face. I now live in Britain, where they think it’s cold but at least where I live it seldom goes below freezing. To me, it’s wonderful.

    On the other hand, I did see some beautiful things during Minnesota winters. On cold, sunny days, I’ve seen the air sparkle with frozen, suspended moisture. I’ve watched the snow fall soundlessly through the light of streetlights. I’ve seen the fallen snow sparkle in the early morning before anyone’s walked on it.

    Wishing you many dreams of winter wonderlands.

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience. And i am glad you liked my written thoughts. I love winter wonderland probably because i have seen more warm days, and your choice of more sunnier days comes out of your harsh experience.nature does both, i believe if we see and feel the balance,we are blessed. Thanks for reading my work .

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  2. It’s so interesting how we relate to winter. For the past 8 yrs I resented having to work away from home so early in the morning, leaving home in the dark, returning in the dark. Now I no longer do that– I work from home, and find that I find my own rhythm, like a bear or squirrel. I’m happier with slowing down, cozying into my own den with a fire heating me, and I enjoy the quiet. I love your photo as well.


  3. I’m not a fan of winter, with its grey, deadening light. But you’re right, there is a kind of magic about this time of year; it’s like the world is holding its breath.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and follow me and Pearly Greyhound in our quest for new stories.


  4. Thank you Rain, for introducing yourself to me. I’ve read some of your posts and can recognize the poetry and prose in you. Your eternal spirit is sweet, blissful and joyous. You emit hope, happiness and a deep sense of love for your fellowman. I shall visit you often. I get the name ‘Rain’ and the umbrella photo. I also understand your love for nature. It’s cleaver. Welcome to my blog, too.


    • Thanks for the sweet and kind message. I will be very happy if you can visit my blog often and read my work. Saying that i will visit your blog too. Wishing you a happy and prosperous year 2020


  5. A beautiful post. Our Australian Christmas where bushfire rampaged and destroyed not just land but lives and Hope. Christmas came with the reminder of the Christ-Light which will never be extinguished. Blessings again and thank you.


    • Thanks Faye. I have been following the news and its extremely sad to hear about the forest and bush fires. While nature is a beautiful blessing ,nature could be harsh too. I wish you a happy and prosperous year 2020.


  6. I find that the colder I get when I am outside, the more I appreciate the warmth when I get inside. Bitter cold has a way of freezing dark thoughts until you forget them and then your mood warms the instant you reach the heat.

    I first learned this years ago when i was skying in a blizzard until I was the only skier left on the slopes. I was the last one to go inside and as I snapped off the long icicles that had formed on off my mustache, it felt wonderful to be out of the cold.


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