December’s rain

I have lived eternally long winters

In the tiny confines of my heart

Where I built a solitary castle

With my edgy iced emotions

Carving its rigid walls keen 

with pain;I made a pact 

With snow to stay colorless 

Forever, until…..

You came in my life

Like the Decembers rain

Melting me free, from

The icy grip of my sorrows

And my feelings flowed from

 the mountains Of hope, 

While I took the first breath

Of Love, that transformed me

To be limitless and significant

Once again, But….

December rains are rare,

Unseasoned by mundane life

Like the legendary love story of 

Snow and rain, who met each other 

By fate to be one again..transiently!

What’s my story I am not sure

 Eternal long winters

Or a hopeful,

December’s rain is my cure!



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