For my soulmate

Certain times in life are spectacularly decorated 

On the chapters of our insignificant lives

Creating beautiful memories with sprinkles of nostalgia 

Mine is about a gypsy girl who could talk to birds 

And called herself eaglia. 

Toughest job in life is to find an entity called you 

In this quest, life ends up giving minimum clues 

But then you find someone just out of the blue

A reflection of yours, somewhat like you.. 

I know we have been distant for very very long

But I can still feel your presence just by listening to

Aisling song

Many a time the foolish attempt to break a bond so strong 

Brings me  more close to you, as if you are a destination where I belong. 

I told you once we are the part of same meteor

We will find each other even after the greatest detour

You are the one who told me tales from aristotle to zelig

Making our short lived memories even more epic

The girl who could understand the depth of faust

I would not believe could ever be lost

She is still alive in the corners of what remains dead

I know my wolfy is there, she has yet not left

I am not sure of our written fates 

But one thing I know, the wild gypsy girl known wolfy

Would always be my soul mate!! 



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