A miracle boy

Once in a lifetime there are such friends,

Who meet by chance and change your life’s trend,

I sure have one buddy for whom it’s worth to fight

The one of a kind; I call him boy of light..

Tough are his principles on life’s curvy path,

Stay honest and righteous or you will see his wrath,

Yet kindest of the hearts filled with love,

Care for nature and respect for humanity ,He coves.

He is the sheep guided by god as Shepherd,

Has sworn an oath to always protect his herd,

I  am sure; He too is victim of challenges thrown by life,

But is the one who falls, gets up and always strives..

Who puts others priorities first in the selfish world,

He is a selfless warrior whose tale should be told,

He is my buddy for whom any battle is worth to fight,

The one of a kind; I call him boy of light..


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