It’s Christmas šŸŽ…šŸŽ„

Jingling bells, red green and white apparels, 

Even the air is rhyming in the tunes of carols, 

It’s the time of utmost joy and to be merry, 

Wash all the resentment you ever carried. 

Because it’s christmas, the season of love

Let your heart flutter and fly, like a flock of adorable doves!! 

Hold your dears, show the love you bestow

Every time you stand under the charm of mistletoe, 

Embrace the kiss of life, forever to cherish 

Such are the memories which will never perish

Because it’s christmas, the season of gratitude

Just let go the black smoke of cynical attitude!! 

It’s the holiday fest, who is idle and free? 

For employ them to decorate the majestic tree, 

Tiny gift boxes, sparkling bells and cute angels, 

Glorified by the effigies of the great kris kringle. 

Glowing branches with shimmering trinketed props,

Don’t forget, the shining star always sits on the top.

Because it’s christmas, the season to share,

To prove each other how much we care!!

The streets of Bethlehem, once illuminated by a star,

A messengers birth, the world witnessed from afar, 

The precious gift of magi’s was a giving code, 

When Jesus was born in a humble abode. 

Then he showed the path of truth and righteousness, 

The art to bury ego and display forgiveness. 

Because it’s christmas, the season of faith

To believe, as the holy preaching has saith!!

Then there is a time to wine and dine

To spend a quality comfort of family time 

Cheers and laughs, exchange of gifts

Brings smiles to each face as the sadness shifts.

Because it’s christmas, the season of togetherness,

To enjoy company, and ward off loneliness!!

And if you are good not naughty this year, 

Then rejoice there is nothing for you to fear, 

Watch out for footsteps near your fireplace, 

For the wonderful gifts that Santa will place, 

Each year he spreads gifts on his reindeer sledge, 

To reward goodness is his sworn pledge, 

Because it’s christmas, the season of miracle

To feel the magic, as it evaporates all debackles !!

Christmas is in the hours of winter wonder, 

Shredded with secrets for your mind to ponder, 

Dark cold nights ornamented by puffts of snow, 

White Christmases adorned by glittery glow, 

Because it’s christmas, the season loaded with mysteries,

To feel the thrill, designed by nature’s chemistry!!

Merry Christmas!! šŸŽ„šŸŒŸ


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