Ignored Love

In our relationship there were several things, 

We could have consciously ignored. 

Anger, judgement, mistrust, immaturity, 

arguments, misunderstanding and ego, 

However the only thing we choose to ignore

Was love!! 



  1. Hello, Rain Alchemist. So I’ve read a couple of your poems, and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but the only thing keeping me from enjoying them was your use of double exclamation marks. As a grammar nazi, I find it kinda annoying and I think poetry, which is already very expressive, does not merit even single exclamation marks (except in rare cases), much less double. The exclamation mark is already the loudest of all punctuation marks, and using them in poetry really ruins the beauty of the piece. Again, I hope I didn’t offend you- just wanted to convey something that bothered me.


  2. Expressive and honest about the things we sometimes prioritize in a relationship when the main thing is ignored ’til it vanishes. I think the double exclamation point is an effective emphatic device for love is the strongest.


    • Thanks, well i recently received a critical feedback from one of my audience on the usage exclamation. It really got me thinking on the power of this apostrophe, however I guess in this poem i meant to give strength to the ignored love. But i will be thoughtful to use such a powerful punctuation in future. thanks again for reading and sharing your thoughts.


      • You are welcome. Yes, I read that. I don’t think t should keep anyone from reading your poetry. I believe the content and message in a poem is far more important than how we use punctuation, unless it is random and wrongly applied. Please don’t let any criticism, even the constructive type, prevent you from writing how you choose to write.
        I really like your poetry!


  3. Wow…..
    That was a surprise!
    But a TRUTH…..
    It happens.
    We can destroy precious opportunity to love with all these other elements…
    I love the pic you chose to use ❀


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