A perfect moment

Many say the perfect moments in life are quite rare, 

Hence I remembered, the night together on a beautiful grassland, the soft blades of grass caressing our bodies, 

While we rested and stared back at the vast majestic sky, awestruck by its grandeur , for that time seemed like eternity. 

The full moon lighting our hearts, the shining stars glimmering in our presence and the spectacle of whole galaxy telling us a story of our bond, while we marked constellations with our tiny hands and felt powerful, the cold breeze bathed our souls in delight .The chirping insects played their rhythmic songs in the silent night, a far off stream gurgled in a slow pace, connecting us to its tune. Then i saw you, the excitement and content in your eyes, it was like the fire and fading of a falling star. We had to speak nothing, we knew, we belonged together, in that time, in that space, amidst nature, we were not celebrating oneness , we were one. 

But then they say perfect moments in life are quite rare, just that I have lived this moment, with you, however only in my dreams. How imperfectly perfect. 



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