Theory of life

One may have all the worldly possessions

but many of us still feel strongly incomplete

Have you ever wondered why?

Well I have a theory, and like any other theories

It is an assumption and not a factual perception

I believe our physical selves are broken pieces

of an elaborate puzzle, scattered in the universe

and life’s journey could be designed to find those

missing pieces to make oneself completely whole

 Once you achieve that absolute state of being

you do not need a physical form that serves

as a part of this complex game, instead you become the

the grand designer like the mysterious god particle 

that gives creation to diverse smaller particle and 

let them attract other small particles and become one,

that way probably nothing ever gets destroyed or created.

Now how would we ever find these missing pieces?

Are they random people, family members, loved ones

Or other existential beings, gifted to us by fate or

 Are they more abstract like a dream, a zeal? 

An accomplishment or just a feeling of content.

Maybe that is the quest we all have in life

To find our missing pieces, that can exist

In endless forms and when you meet them

Accept them, they will make you most beautiful.



  1. What a beautifully written perception of what we are all doing here. It allows for our current imperfections as we strive to find the missing pieces to complete us. I loved the idea that once whole, we may then transcend to a higher plain. Well written!


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