A way to end 2019

Hello my dearest readers, I have been always keen to find a platform to present my thoughts, sometimes as rhyming poetry, sometimes as short prose and sometimes as random scribbled words, and this blog has been the best platform. While I have been blogging for an year now, December 2019 was my most active and favorite month, one because I love winter, second because of the love, appreciation and warmth I have received from all of you. And the statistics says it all, 10000 plus view in a month is a big deal for a naive writer like me. This has made me more strong, driven and motivated and I hope in the upcoming year I present much better work for you to relish. I am thankful to you all for visiting, liking and commenting on my work. Stay blessed and happy, best wishes for the new year 2020.

Rain Alchemist



  1. Wow congrats that was quite the jump you must be doing something right!!!
    Is there anything you can attribute to this bump into your stats did you change anything or started sharing somewhere… It may help some of us


    • Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. To be honest I was just regularly posting my work, reading fellow bloggers work, liking, commenting and enjoying the amazing world of poetry and creativity. I guess I dedicated involvement has been awarded in some way. This has inspired me to write more, and bring relishing content to my audience. I wish you good luck, please keep visiting.


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