Man of Light

A thought has sprouted within my soul,

Hovering inside me like the glimmering auroras of poles,

From the majestic Sun to the calm moon,

On the wintery night or on scorching noonโ€™s,

From the giant peaks to the desert sands,

From the flora and fauna to the unknown lands,

Or the marvel of humanity, all a possession to behold,

Within me each day they unfold, from the stories you told.

You though me life Is a gallant fight,

More than sword wise words have the might,

Once a man of wisdom told nothing,

As knowledge for him is equivalent to everything,

When you passed your shrine with a gentle smile,

It released me from the gloomiest exile.

I always wondered what God would be like,

Someone like you, a persona of light,

Guiding the path to wanderers on the darkest night,

I know you too are fighting the great battle outside and within,

But you remain the sparkling star in the universe without complaining!

I may am the man of crowd for now,

But one day I will shine I have taken a vow,

I hope someday I will make you feel proud,

The morals you taught I can never keep apart,

I will walk the path of life with them always in my heart.

Side note : This poetry is dedicated to my Grandpa, my mentor, my man of light. While he is physically no more in this realm, I believe, his energy is travelling to varied corners of the cosmos, absorbing all the experiences and mysteries of the creation. Though I will always miss his presence, his essence has been there to give light to my soul and show me the path of courage, hope and kindness.



  1. I share your vision of what lies ahead of us beyond this earthly realm. And what a beautifully written rememberance of your grandfather. Now his light shines on everyone and everything! Happy New Year!


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