In her lifetime, every passing day, she wore the dark attire of melancholia, 

While attending royal courts of despair, admiring shows of pareidolia, 

Queen of sorrows, embracing many distressed faces, 

Like the ghastly ones decorated on the infamous walls of belmez.

Her forever woeful heart attracted the gloomies soul, 

They screeched and howled until turning her mind horridly foul, 

In that paranoia, she thought death was her only escape, 

Instead she joined the exhibited gallery of unfortunate mournful faces.

Side note : This poem is inspired by the true strange legend of belmez faces of Spain.



  1. This has a beautifully dark and ethereal feel to it. It is haunting and captures your subject in all its shades. It is sometimes harder to convey the darker feelings in verse, but you have done so here in an exceptional way!


  2. I like how you conveyed her melancholy and how you drew in the two concepts of perceiving faces in random patterns where there are none, and faces appearing or being created by some mystical power where they shouldnt be. As if in her lonely melancholy, she artificially surrounded herself with companions.


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