Trading calories

Since the advent of humanity, each one of us have tried best to make our own space in this vast world. However to prove one’s worth there is always a cost involved, hence we traded our values with another, to exist, to be known. Earlier trading was a symbol of respect, social status in a community and a man’s worth until it transcribed to a commodity we call money. 

The invention of money have been renaissance for the rise of mankind as supreme beings but has also displayed the most vile character of our species. Money made us miniscule creators of this majestic creation, but also the ultimate destroyer of the whole existence. 

But what if money was never invented as a commodity, instead we used our energy(calories) as a favour to one another. Anyway we have learnt in our time on earth that energy is immortal, it neither gets created nor destroyed,but is omnipresent. Then I wonder, it would have been a rather simple existence, no grandeur no obligations, no worry of a stressful job or life, no worry of being lean or obese. Probably a balanced harmony between all the beings, give or take the right amount of calories to survive. 

But then I think the free willed human mind evolved to conquer, probably a minimalistic source of survival would have never been enough for us.It would be only matter of time before we would have wanted all the calories for ourselves, probably ending the eternal priceless source that existed freely on our planet even after ages of exploitation. 



  1. I love the idea behind this, but my fear is that greed is an innate human drive that is not easily checked. I agree that, in the end, there would be the few only interested in having more and have no interest in the idea that everybody have enough. Very thought provoking!


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