The beast of the blood moon

It was an eerily silent night of the blood moon,

Felt like an evil was hatching from its cocoon,

A city boy was vacationing in his dad’s farmland,

Covered miles wide bearing corn filled grassland.

Every night the deal was to turn on the field flood lights,

To make sure no foul trespassers run out off their sight,

The boy volunteered for the tasks on his father’s call,

He would do the deed before the mid -night falls.

As the old clock at home stroked midnight,

The boy wore his coat and went out with a torch light,

He walked a narrow path entering the tall grass,

The dangling stalks rose high in cold breeze as he passed.

A weird growl ,  not so far off, startled his gaze,

As he traversed towards the sound through the corn maze,

He reached an area of  the land with a muddy clearing,

When he first looked at a creature with large gait and daring.

The monster sat on the marshy ground on its hind legs,

bearing a dead child in its claws, with its sharp teeth ready to peg,

It grinned ,snarled  and puffed, stared it’s spectator with red fiery eyes,

Snapped at the meat, howled at the crimson moon, in a menacing cry!

Hearing the monsters call, several golden eyes lighted the shadows,

Not just a beast, a pack represented the  vicious dark meadows.

The group of vile creatures surrounded the boy in a ritualistic circle,

Fearing his end the boy’s core panicked and shivered every muscle.

The alpha pierced its scarlet eyes into the boy’s psyched discomfort,

Strangely, his fears eloped , giving  him a raw prerequisite comfort,

The boy bent knees to his mother, for the ring of loyal bloody creatures,

As his dad approached with luminescent blue eyes and savagely brute features.

The Boy looked up the devilish  blood moon that cursed the night sky,

Held up his face, in a gait of a wolf, led out a ominous howling cry,

The pack followed the call and Yelped back as they complied.

It was just not an eerily silent night of the blood moon,

As a new evil was hatched from its  wicked cocoon!









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