Song of the sea

Have you heard the song of sea,

On cold mystical nights,

Lit by serene, bright moonlight,

When chilled winds embrace your face,

And your feet touches the moist sand,

By the crashing of strong waves.

Have you heard the song of the sea

Amidst the music of rustling leaves,

The song sung by magical shrill voices,

overwhelms your heart leaving no choices,

Reminding a longing for never found love,

Fluttering your heart like flights of doves.

Have you heard the song of Sea,

A deal it makes with your sorrowful plea,

If the song of the mythical Siren you can endure,

Walk away with pain without finding a cure,

Or their song is enchanting, it will certainly lure,

Until the sea consumes you, in its melodious allure,

Side note : This one is an old poetry I had written on the siren and selike lore. I though it deserves a reposting. Enjoy the poem and let me know your thoughts. Thanks πŸ™

Then your existence from reality becomes unsure!



  1. Thank you for reposting this lovely piece. The subject is classic and you have done a wonderful job capturing the entrancing quality of the mystical. Well written!


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