Tale of an abandoned Heart

I heard that only love and love can heal our brokenness,

Each time when love touched the shattered pieces of my heart,

It bled, it sobbed, it wailed by the prick so deep,

The point where the pain takes the form of an incessant numbness

The point where the air of emotions are engulfed by a vacuum…


Several times when my heart bowed in front of the altar of someone’s kindness,

My feelings returned back to their dwelling crashing in the compact space of my mind and heart,

My prayers remained unanswered as if the divine was corrupted by the dark,

Seeking for the moment when the hurt wounds could have healed by the grace of love,

My life transformed in the endless time ruled by the soreness of unfulfilled desires…


I spent ages locked in the prison of your false perceptions,

Based on the judgement you passed on the viability of me and my life,

I always believed that there is only one judge in the almighty’s court,

Then how could you decide the credibility of your righteousness over my pride,

I did strong to find my place on earth, and stand tall and look at the falling sky…


No you don’t appreciate me!! You are maybe attached with the idea named as me,

I am a conceptual derivation of your mind fed by your thoughts,

No you don’t need me!! As I never appeared needful enough for your needs,

I am an illusion you created in form of a shadow to companion your loneliness,

No I don’t exist in your world, as your world is not my reality…it never was my reality!



I prayed for you in every abode of Nature, to transfer my portion of happiness to you,

This happiness seems to be like the filtered light from the dying sun in an old galaxy,

Probably too little to be measured in comparison to the eternal darkness between us,

Though i was the flame fighting my last battle with the strong wind of your self-righteousness,

To light a warm shelter of happiness for you, before being extinguished to nothingness!



For long my heart has been like a barren land without any sprouts of contentment,

I dig in deep to find the drops of compassion, to quench the thirst of my dried soul,

But my destiny is like that of a lonely ranger who traveled tall mountains,

Scorching deserts and deep seas, In search of a hope which has died within him.

Who on a rainy day sits under an oak tree near a lonely stream, and to himself.


Narrates the tale of his abandoned Heart!




  1. This touched the darkest depths of my soul.

    The raw emotion. The relatability. The pure honesty.

    Beautiful, Rain. Absolutely beautiful. 💜


  2. I heard that only love and love can heal our brokenness,……………

    (So i heard too but thinking how) I spent ages locked in the prison of your false perceptions, breaks my heart.

    The poem is touching reminds me of my heart break some years back i would have chanted it many times in my lonely days if i had come across it back then. Thanks for sharing, Rain.


  3. The quest for hope can be a lifelong journey for those of us who have lost it somewhere along the way. Well-done!


  4. The descriptive language permits the reader to share your feelings or be reminded of their own. It creates the connection that allows the reader to see themselves in your words. What more could a writer ask for? Well written!


  5. This is beautiful. I would also love to see the POV of the person you talk about in poem trying to justify their actions. It is astounding how people can be so different in their thoughts.


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