Life as a battle of Angels & Demons

The well said verse


make lemonades when life gives you lemons,


But do we know,


Our life is stuck between the battle of Angels & Demons


Both strong in their possession of powers


in this chaos, Does the God grace showers?



Who we are but trifle humans,


Capability to love and remember older moments,


Our feelings are our only powers,


No magic no laser showers.



Believe me angels are not better than us


they fight for the rights what they feel is just


with a stone-cold heart to obey gods order


are they just and their fight is proper?



What we doing in between this fight,


according to me it’s so not right,


Do good as angel or bad as demon,


life is a territory of fighting legions.



Kill an angel or a demon within,


it’s the loss of your own instinct,


Good or bad, whichever dies,


your only power, your feeling will demise.

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