Rise from your ashes

Hey you! 

Why are you withering to ashes? 

For I see your teared debris fluttering all around, 

What has lifted the weight of your pride? 

What has halted the flow of your stride? 

Why have your emotions dried? 

Why can’t you gulp that sore lump in your throat? 

Why can’t you feel, why can’t you cry? 

Hey you! 

I am your shadow, from me don’t dare you hide? 

For I am a part of you, not just in light,

Today I have deceived the darkest cloud of despair,

To remind you of you and to be by your side. 

Don’t forget the unfulfilled dreams as of now, 

For they are like sand dust they will stick back again! 

It does not matter how much you have lost 

For what is lost, someday you might gain, 

So collect your pieces and gather them together, 

Combust your sadness to fuel of crude desires, 

Let them burn and fade in a fierce raging fire, 

And from your burnt past, a new beginning should arise, 

For I know, you are a phoenix, from your ashes you must rise! 



  1. Integration of our shadow self is so important in becoming a whole spiritual being. I really enjoyed the angle you took with this one. Great poem❤


  2. This is so beautifully crafted! A powerful reminder that our futures are built from the remnants of our past that have been purified in the crucible of self-actualization. Well done, my friend!


  3. “It does not matter how much you have lost/ For what is lost, someday you might gain,….” and then some! I’m sending your beautiful message back in time with joy to my once broken heart to help the healing along.


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