A sad note to my mother(Nature)

Dear Mother, the world is burning to hellish fire,

As the smoke of destruction brings tears to my eyes,

But my tears are too small to cause the earthly rains,

to calm the nerves of ones screaming in blistering pain!


We free willed apes have been blinded long by our greed,

Forever we have exploited your sacred altar of heavenly creed!

Mother I know you are in rage; hence you are blazing us all,

but we are your children’s, forgive innocents beings after all.


We have indelibly sinned, but some of us can still change,

Our world is a lot deranged, together we can rearrange,

Let those live who are purest and kinder, punish those,

For whom your wrath always must come as a reminder!


Or bring the great flood, wiping existence, once again,

For all the existence on planet let death be a bargain,

Mother, I cant see such disaster anymore, hence raising my meager voice to you,

A message to my kind and a humble request to the majestic you,

Let us all co-exist in peace and harmony,

Kindly take away this insufferable agony!


Side note : My ode to all the dead animals and beings in the Australian bush fire. It makes me very sad and teary to pen down into words what those innocent beings have suffered. We call ourselves most advanced beings, hence we must protect our planet and beings who co-exist with us, for one day, nature forbids, our fate will be the same ! Rain Alchemist signing off with a heavy heart.



  1. I am absolutely with you on this my friend, it hurts my ❀ to see what’s going on! Then the man we have leading our country makes it easier for the fossil fuel industry NOT our environment yesterday😑 I also read an article about how giraffes are now on the endangered species list. Mother Earth is being pillaged and only we humans can stop it. Tremendous message here in your piece. Thank you!


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