Who am I

Who am I, what holds me within,

Just a mass of flesh, or thousand year old celestial being,

Am I mode of catastrophe or a distant ray of hope,

Am I an air of serenity, or the irresistible pain to cope,

Who am I, what holds me within….

Am I the shining sun revealing its shrine on a cloudy day,

Or a bright full moon on a rainy night veiled by cloud black and dark grey,

Am I the Chinese lanterns flying high in the sky on a cold smoggy night,

or the fresh morning dew losing its entity by the warmth of the sunlight,

Who am I, what hold me within….

Am i the reality defined by the consciousness of the human mind.

Or a never defined illusion, eerie in its own kind,

Am I a puzzle that no one can understand,

Or a Concept of understanding easy to mastermind.

Who am I, what holds me within………

Am I the one who walks aimless on the curvy paths craved by life,

or the one who smoothens the curvy gaps by displaying a hard-surviving strife,

Am the one who’s vitality is measured by the shadow of people’s expectation,

or a priceless possession beyond the realms of all the human emotions…

Who am I, what holds me within…

Who am I, what holds me within…

To know my definition, now I am not very keen,

Maybe I am the one expressed as million definitions…

or the one striving to prove its own existence….

Who am I, what holds me within……



  1. Beautiful post my friend 💕💕
    I am .. whatever I think I Am … a body, all mind, all consciousness…
    I am eternal … when in the Now …
    Otherwise just a bubble or a grain of sand….


  2. You have articulated your own inner dialogue in a wonderful way. This is the type of writing that creates a sense of wonderment in the reader that sticks with them well after the words are gone. Well done!


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