Night of Bizarre

2.25 am, was the strike of clock,

Breathless and anxious I woke up in shock,

Within my chest my restless heart rocked,

Panting with fear from a Devil’s knock

Delusional and blurry as if high on hemlock

The night was eerie with a mystery to unlock

Fighting the fear with holy chants,

I could hear in my mind demonic rants,

Imagination of a tall church in old suburb,

They had a vicious plague to be curbed.

Once the disciple of a holy grail,

Sacred balance of pious nuns failed.

Corrupted by the dark force that prowls,

The wicked din of howls and growls,

Surrounding the blood cathedral in trance

They engaged their sin in a wicked dance

Bathed with cold sweat and constant pants

I muttered deeply the holy chants…

Then I slipped in a calm peaceful self,

Inner fear escaped from where it dwelled,

Until the 4 am clock struck again,

Peace was not the night wanted to bargain,

Suddenly my right wrist felt an excruciating Pain,

All my efforts to hold myself was going in vain

I opened my scared timid eyes to the sight,

Amidst the dark there was a rugged creature to fight,

It pulled me by my wrist from my bed,

Some words in Latin what it said…

It was made of skunk odour and rags,

Heavy chain around its waist and muddy bags,

Confused with anxiety, unable to focus

I thought, was I living the night of Krampus?

I pulled myself with six loud screams,

All that I saw was a part of my dreams,

Left on my wrist was a reddish scar,

An experience tormenting and very bizarre

So I bestow upon you my creepy tale

Let me know if it makes you pale…

Side note: Reposting a dark tale based on a terrifying nightmare of mine. Enjoy the read.



  1. Your use of imagery here is exquisite. You create a tension and fear that is palpable to the reader. I think it is harder at times to write about the “Dark” things in life, but you have done it beautifully!


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