Worth of a true artist

You want to know the worth of my art, 

I have painted the artistry nebula’s, 

 The universe is my drawing board, 

My imagination travels faster than light,

I have created cosmos, enigmatic pulsars,

Galactic stars and the void too, well, 

 I am no God, but I am an artist,

Moulded in the almighty’s image,

I am limitless, then how my worth 

Can every be defined in a limited world!

Why most of the artists are known

After their time on earth has ended

Through the rusted pages of history 

Why they were not valued before their time

Our world is shaped on perspective 

And without it, no art is complete 

Though every craft needs a beholder

to eye its worthless or priceless virtue,

But I have always believed, 

If the creator gives one the power to create,

Then you are worthy, and for a true artist,

The true critic will always be their

Own humbled yet insatiable self’s!! 

Side note : For all the wonderful artists who create a new world each day, never doubt your abilities , for you are worthy ! you are Limitless ! A grand salute to all of you from Rain Alchemist.



  1. Thank you for checking my blog I read several of your poems and they resonate with me. The one about the ravens feels so shamanic and beautiful. You are truelly inspired and you know how to express the non tangeable beautifully.


  2. This is a real jewel of writing. I will return to these words over and over, when I am wrestling with the worth of my own efforts. What a beautiful reminder of what our true worth is. There is not a writer here that can get something positive from your gifted words. Thank you!


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