Unable to write

Today I am unable to express, 

Not sure why my thoughts are suppressed. 

Hence I turned up to the setting sunlight, 

To give me words, to give me some insight. 

Lend me a tale to fuel life to my idle pen, 

Before the mighty Sun rest in its nightly den! 

And then the fading rays touched my sight, 

A beam of light haloed and sheathed me tight, 

I saw them disperse into gleaming balls of light. 

Floating and dancing, like magical radiant orbs, 

Each were thoughts for me to choose and absorb! 

As the orangish hue transformed to dusky sky, 

Into the evening with colorful spheres that could fly, 

Warm smiles from the adorable venus made me cry. 

In that night light, I could clearly see these thoughts, 

In my favour what the universe had brought! 

Excited,I caressed them, they moved with swift motion, 

Burst into evocative idea as if in a fluid simulation. 

They opened up wide like a fresh garden flower, 

Then scatter to tiny specks, bestowing me with celestial shower! 

Watching the favour that nature can give, 

As transcending notions,that will forever live. 

I will hold them in my mind box, will not crib, 

Even if my artistic pen sometimes lacks the nib. 

And such experience are just not by chance, 

It teaches a lesson by putting one  in trance, 

After all, it is about the natural balance,

From extraordinary sunlight to mystic night, 

Thoughts you can hold, thoughts you can let go, thoughts you can express and thoughts you can write!



  1. We are in a huge planetary shift eight now that is ushering in BIG changes that have many within the collective feeling heavy today. Together though, we creatives will make it through. When I get like that I remind myself to be gentle with myself. Peaceful vibes to you my friend.


  2. I understand the struggle to find the words. Often, inspiration can be found all around us, we just need to take the time to be still and open our eyes to the beauty of the world we live in. Your work encapsulates this all beautifully! Well written!


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