New Born

On a pitch black night,

When moon was the only source of light,

In the desolated woods, the young girl was the chosen knight,

She was running from something unknown, consumed with fright…

For the dark forces. The moment was blissfully right…..

The Fierce raging wind, and the thick woods upright….

What was the plot of the dark moon-lit night…….

Recollecting her breath, shivering at the sight….

Behind her was enormous tall creature. With red eyes. So bright!!

Unaware, why was she the reason of the The fight…

Why her sighs, pain and fear was their delight?

Alas, came the dark shadow, hit her with full might…

Her tattered lifeless body took a high flight….

Fell on tree, her cadaver hung from the branch like a lost kite…

Her eyes wide open, without any insight….

The ravenous creature stood there in a posture of plight…

A star fell on the carcass, like a skylight, most bright….

Completing the vicious ritual of the powerful Wight…

Her eyes gleamed green, revealing the evil sleight…

A villainous smile on her face, she stood outright….

to carry the sinful deeds for darkness, her sacrifice was a reform,

When they got in their army this fatal new-born!!

Side note: Reposting another dark tale from the bizzare nightmarish imagination of Rain Alchemist. Enjoy!



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