What your dreams are about?

Hey, what your dreams are about? 

What images they create, what stories they call out. 

Are they the kind ones that make you cuddle in bed, 

Or bizarrely evil to paralyze you as stone dead! 

My dreams are not so sweet, they are full of nightmares, 

One that gives goosebumps, awakes every strand of your hair! 

Have you ever woken up with strange whispers all around, 

Devlish snarls and growls of the invisible hell hound! 

Or have you seen the white lady swirling on your fan, 

She freezes you with her grin, when towards you her apparition advance! 

During the wee hours of the night, amidst the room filled with flickering lights, 

Stands a tall shadow man with a long hat, a moment he is there, then out of sight! 

Then don’t forget the old hag that sits on your chest, 

Makes you choke, puts your soul to unrest! 

And there is this pale child who sits on the door, 

As he shrieks, a thick black flood of tears fills the corridor, 

You can’t escape, as this happens, there are vipers and critters smothering your floor! 

Then there is something underneath your bed, 

It watches you while you sleep, the unembodied voices have said, 

And while you rest, a cold thin fragile hand tickles your feet, 

Beware at times it pulls your leg suddenly, putting you out of your bed sheet! 

My dreams are scary they show no gratitude, 

Not sure why the madam sleep has this attitude, 

For some days are fine, I am at solitude, 

But don’t rest, the nightmares will be back soon, the story is to be continued….. 

Side note : Based on true nightmares, a part 2 called “Nightmareland” coming soon, enjoy the read!



  1. Hey, V! You capture the taut and tense mood familiar to anyone who has ever had a nightmare. I am glad I read it when I got up this morning and not just before going to bed. I believe the fourth word in the second line was meant to be ‘create’. Well done!


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