Letters of a lost love

So, I wrote love letters to you

But kept them undelivered

Enveloping them within my heart

Red sealed by my pain

Until you knock the doors

Of my life again, and

Like on a windy day

The mark of agony breaks

Scattering the letters

Through our uncertain paths

I do not care for them

As now I have your reflection

On my soul, and I want to

Speak about nothing but everything

Unless I realize your apparition

Is transient, like a ripple in water

Causing a stir on my loneliness

And now neither there is you

Nor your impression

Kept in form of those letters

Sealed within me…

Leaving me with emptiness…



  1. Your vivid imagery of red wax-sealed love letters works beautifully in evoking the sense of lost love. The life of those letters through the piece is a wonderful touchstone for the reader. Well done, V! 😊


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