A question to the universe

Dear Universe, why do you tear me down into shreds yet resurrect me whole? 

Is it to test whether I am made of the same metal as you? 

Or is it to see if I have been molded in the same cosmic chaos as you have been? 

Is it to see if my endurance is as vast as your empty voids? 

Or is it to know, if I can persevere in your intricate quantum entanglement? 

Either way I have been told that I am you, even though miniscule and deformed compared to the majestic formed yet formless you! 

Do you break me down to show me that the process of our creations are the same? 

Do you give me a chance to be equal in our  creators eye?



  1. I love the juxtaposition of being torn down and being created. The questioning tone brings a sense of wanting and wonder. A lament of not knowing our reasons. Well done!


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