A supernova is born

So, you doubt you are a star? 

Look at your sustenance, rewarded by billions of scars, 

Haven’t you been reborn a million times, in this universal chaos by far, 

The answer is in you, you don’t have to look afar! 

Why do you evaluate your tainted self consciousness in life’s mirror, 

Refract yourself through the prism of hope, diverging your talents into varied colors! 

In its lifetime, a star glimmers and fade, 

But neither its shine nor its dim can be its qualifying grade! 

The true identity is in its character, which makes its extant count for several long decades! 

But it’s ok for a star to perish in its existential form, 

It fine for it to grow old, it is ok for it to deform, 

But do you know when a star dies, a supernova is born, 

All its qualities rearranged, creating a new galactic reform! 

Many say supernova’s sights are too rare to view, 

It can hardly be captured by our meager eyes, in its tiny purview, 

But all the hardship without recognition is never fair, 

Dear star, when you explode, fabricate a magnificent flair, 

Show your celestial self, consume the sky, make it glare, 

So that even when you are gone, you are remembered, you remain in all of us, you are deeply cared! 



  1. The metaphor of death resulting in a supernova of the soul with great hope, power and light is beautiful. I love the use of celestial theme. Another strong work!


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