Celestial couples

I was fortunate to witness a spectacle,

A Cresent moon and the lovely Venus are hanging together in the night sky,

And look how full he is with joy, even though incomplete this day ,

How the warm embrace of the aphrodite makes him soulfully complete,

Look how they blush at each other with that yellowish red tint,

While they enjoy their company,even the dark sky is lighted bright,

By their radiant hues, a perfect ambiance for the celestial couple,

This stellar moment, reminds me of you,

How you make an emotionally incomplete me as blissfully complete us,

I think I am your Cresent moon and you, my evening star!



  1. I love that you took the time so see more fully what so many of us would pass off as just a crescent moon and Venus in the evening sky. There truly is something spectacular in this moment you captured and how you extended that in the final three lines. A delight!


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