A lucid garden

In a bizzare recurring lucid dream,

He plays a deadly game of gardenscapes,

A virtual world, both friendly and fatal,

A proud owner of a beautiful garden, his Eden,

Which he loves to delicately maintain,

A shrine of marvellous beauty blessed by precious golden rain,

And the flora blooms in snow white, graciously under the care of paddy silver fields,

Dense is his world with purity all around, a perfect paradise!

But like any happy ending, this tales end is not with happily ever after,

For there in the same abode, lives four venomous demons,

They appear as large snakes wearing skin color red, green, blue and black,

Always killing him with a vicious bite, ending his wonderful dream in a snap!

Agitated, He asks his meditative mind the meaning of this puzzle,

Answer, he is plunged in a translucent void, before him five shades appear,

First is red, the demon of rage,

Second is green, the demon of jealousy,

Third is blue, the demon of fears,

Final is black, the demon of self doubt.

And his heart, as white as his marvellous wonder,

Harbouring the colored lethal fiends of his humanely shortcomings!



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