Castles of tears n Sunshine of hope

For ages I have resided in a snow castle,

Embodied by frozen tears on the cold surface of my heart,

Carved by the sharp edges of my sorrows,

Until I witnessed the warmth of your presence,

And the darkness melted into the glitter of brighter days,

And the emptiness fulfilled by the tiny grains of contentment,

I wonder there are winters and blizzards in your heart too,

I wonder how the sunshine shines a light within its core,

Maybe you are the face of hope that burns bright to be the light,

Hiding the frozen side, where you reside,

In a frozen castle made up of your tears…




  1. I love the metaphor and imagery here. The sharp edges and melting into glitter create a powerful visual that captures the emotions well. This is a strong piece, Vinayak!


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