Moving on…

You have moved on, yet,

For very long, I have been holding you in the teary corners of my eyes, 

Now my sight is blurred, to experience any forms of new found love, 

But don’t credit yourself as the only priced object in the galleria of my affairs, 

For sure there were vagabonds, landing on the barren land of my heart like the migratory birds. 

But for how long they could have pecked compassion on an arid core built on winds of despair and dunes of sorrows. 

Hence they always flew away to find another beautiful haven,

The one that is more greener than my shrivelled existence, 

I wish to shed tears of pain and let it flood the parched landscapes of my life, 

And probably the seed of deep buried love may someday sprout to a viridescent paradise of hope and chances, 

But to find love again, I will have to lose you as those last shreds of tears that may give me a plausibility of a new life! 

You have moved on, so should I…



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