Value for tears

The Value of tears are only until they float,

At the brim of our eyes, some remain paranoid of the fall,

Some falls down insignificantly!

I have witnessed the ninety nine reasons for your pain,

Am I one of the reason whom you hold back in your eyes?

Gulping them down your throat into the deepest corners of your heart,

Or the one who just falls into insignificance!




    • My expressions are not aways my pain, sometimes I borrow them from people who can’t express, and that’s when I feel what they do, and the best way I know to do it, is through poetry. Thanks for reading and your caring comment kritika😊

  1. This is a beautiful piece! Capturing all the emotions of that very particular moment is well done. You create a world where the reader can ponder the feelings you put forward. Lovely! 😊


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