Difficult expressions

 A feeling that makes me really depressed, 

Seeing how human communication in time has suppressed,

We have to keep inside us, what we could have easily expressed, 

Even if it is too much to bear, even if it causes a lot of distress! 

If you speak a lot about your deep dwelling pain, 

The world will say, we have them too, why do you complain, 

If you keep your sorrows silent, numbing your heart, 

The world will warn, you lack proactiveness, why not smart! 

And if you exhilarated and share a happy news, 

Remember the world is busy, only If you are lucky it will be heard by few! 

No one to hear, you reach out to best friends to share your misery, 

Witness the irony, they too don’t listen,suggest you mental therapy, 

When you can’t talk about yourself, you throw random knowledge for people to relate, 

They are too busy for current affairs, you end up with voiceless debate. 

So why in this dumb self obsessed world, we were blessed with power of speech, 

When from a person to person, our words cannot reach, 

Was being vocally accepted not about sharing experiences, 

To hear each other stories, to learn from our differences! 

We humans have proved worldly dominance in greater numbers, 

But in articulating our thoughts, we are a community that’s seriously outnumbered! 

But then these revolting ideas could be the notion of my troubled mind, 

It won’t be true if I say, I haven’t found a very few of my kind, 

But if we all could have understood that we can talk, the jewels of true expressions would not have been so hard to find! 



  1. Yes, we need to work on our communication. Sometimes , when you talk to someone you feel might listen to you , it’s either you are judged wrongly or you are not heard.

    ……….A feeling that makes me really depressed,
    I can relate


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