An ode to Joker

Have you ever danced the most elegant dance, hand in hand with your eternal misery, 

Have you ever laughed so hard in agony, that it mocks on the face of your own sufferings, 

Have you gulped the poisonous tear of rage that slowly intoxicates your humanity, 

Have you put a happy face for the world, while all you want is to burn it down, 

Have your pain ever reached to a brim that you care no more of life and death, 

Did you ever get a choice, between sanity and madness, 

Guess being the villainous joker is not always a matter of being good or bad, 

Sometimes the most infamous characters are sculpted by the ways of our brutal world! 

Inspired by the 2019 amazing movie Joker. It shows the side of a man who is constantly ill treated by the society and his gradual descent to madness, birthing the most infamous DC comics villan, Joker.



  1. Very good,
    I think you might like,
    Ego – (after Newtown, Connecticut)

    A chilling stillness overcomes the world
    Unbelieving, did this really happen?
    A troubled man escapes, anger unfurled
    Blinded, armed, exploding ‘mongst the children.
    We cannot guess the state of our brother
    The secret quest to find his own ego,
    The silent conflict ‘twixt Man and Mother
    How can we know what’s never put on show?
    More, display excess, trying to impress
    Fast cars, fierce dogs, knives and assault rifles
    Violence, bad language, all, more or less
    Treated as insignificant trifles.

    Ego – Angry, sad, witness to these times
    Of quiet despair, in words and rhymes!

    George Potter


  2. “Sometimes the most infamous characters are sculpted by the ways of our brutal world!”

    Yes, excellent and concise words. “Joker” was an amazing movie, and I was happy Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar ❤️


  3. Great piece, Vinayak! The recognition of environmental and societal pressures as the catalyst to behavior is insightful and provoking. We are hesitant to accept that fact that we create our own monsters.


      • Don’t sell yourself short here. The movie had hundreds of ways to express the premise of Joker’s creation, but you have done it in mere words. We have all written about love in some form or another, but each piece bears its own uniqueness and its own power. If you had written nothing but quotations from the film, I may agree that it was less than original, but that is not the case here.


  4. When you can feel like the world has let you down and there is nothing God. Zero. That’s when the dark side starts it’s breath. Crawls inside and takes over each part of the mind. Sorrow turns to rage and morphs into an untamed beast lashing out at everyone and everything. Insanity takes over. But is it really insane or just our perception. Hmmmm


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