An emotional drift

Sometimes insanity in love can put you in tough situational debacle, 

Have you ever felt in a relationship, whether to cling or to run away, 

It’s like standing right in middle of a geological fault, only in this case your happiness is drifting apart, 

Here, your affection and resentment has taken their firm sides, 

While your heart is utterly confused, they pull you rigorously from both the ends, 

Your are unable to decide or to make the right choice, 

So you try to be neutrally flexible, you endure, until your resilience reaches a breaking point, 

Resulting your life to split to pieces, leaving you vulnerable, broken and empty. 

In rage you gather your pieces, make a whole new you, start over, swearing to never make the same mistakes,

Only sometimes a sanely sentient and peaceful conclusion is not that easy,

You remain as who you were, love sick, paranoid by an addicted heart, still ambivalent, 

With no new choices, you start over your so called new world with the very person who was the sole reason of your emotional drift! 



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