I was happily living in my world, 

Full of fantastical illusions,

A place of infinite possibilities, 

Which has no set boundaries. 

Until you mocked my choices, 

challenged my minds sanity, 

comparing my imaginary world, 

with your single faced reality, 

Hence I am bursting the bubble,

of your prideful arrogance, 

Isn’t your reality a grand illusion,

Aren’t you stuck in a fixed conclusion, 

Spawned by your humble beginning, 

Spoiled by life in your inbetween, 

Still Ignorant of the very fact, 

One day this illusion will end infact, 

But even if you know this end,

You still will foolishly pretend. 

And once the so called real is gone, 

Wondered, where you truly belong, 

For you have set your own limitations

By ridiculing and abandoning the power,

Of the wonderful imagination! 



  1. Most people, it seems, prefer to live in the real world, or in a combination of practical reality and imagination. I tend to be happier in the imaginal realm. I don’t believe people in general judge me for my preference. I don’t believe I should judge others for their preferences.


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