Captive of your mind

Have you ever been a captive of your own mind, 

In an artistic graphic lucid nightmare of your twisted consciousness, well I have an idea of such confinement. 

Imagine yourself in a deserted alien land, bared, vulnerable to any natural catastrophe. 

Your head tied to a stigmatic crown of burden, connected to four rigid invisible knots tearing your existence to shreds.

The one ahead pulls you towards your desires for a better future, but in exchange it offers you to walk a path of thousand quakes, trembling each step you take, the right one difficult to choose, a wrong foot everything you loose. 

The one behind pulls you through a graveyard of dead past, there awaits the scavengers of your misfortunes, ready to eat you piece by piece unless you are diminished to skeletal remains of  something once you called self. 

The one pulling towards your left is a place of infinite voices, they keep whispering inside your head, resonating then echoing, until you lose your voice amidst many. Confused, unable to decide whom to listen and what to follow. 

The one that pulls towards your right is a shore where you have carved memoirs of your lost love on a dry sandy heart, time to time, they keep getting erased by the strong waves of detachment , leaving you isolated, you still frantically engrave those stories only to wiped and forgotten in the tsunami of your despair . 

If somehow you balance this pull, you invoke the upside down, either heaven or hell where you will wear an eternal crown. But their vacancies are closed my dear friend, your deeds are still being written, hence whatever you experience is on this sore testing ground.

Not sure you will ever unleash from these chains and create a fifth dimension for yourself, which will be untouched by greif. For now you are the prisoner of your own negative mind, will hope someday you will break free.

I guess a mind of someone suffering from anxiety and depression will go thorough a similar trauma. I feel for everyone who face this condition and pray for their wellness, happiness and success.



  1. Amazing, my friend! One of your absolute best. The image, sensation, and struggle that you describe is so tangible. The pulling, the tearing, the rending apart is visceral and your look into the deeper parts of the mind haunting. Bravo, V!


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