The balance

The green represents life, existence, positivity and beginning .While the rot is the end, the darkness, the negative that consumes.We live in a world where balance of both is prime. 

So let me tell you a short story, once in my garden I was present yet lost in my thoughts, looking at the green when the most amazing thing happened. A very vibrant beautiful butterfly sat on my wrist, unafraid of me, at that very moment I felt a strange connection with the green, a feeling of strong fulfillment, as if I belonged as a primal part of nature.The very next moment the butterfly was off my petty arms and free in the world, when a strong gust of wind strikes its delicate being and it perishes, right in front of my sight eventually breaking my connection with the green. 

In this time bound world, where the beginning and end is determined, we are the mesmerizing butterfly who represents green, the point is, when and how we will touch our lives to its ultimate attainment, because one day the rot will consume us… To restore the balance. 



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