Life in a blackhole

At times, life takes form of a never ending blackhole, 

Pulling you within irrespective of your efforts to outreach the world of your vision, 

More and more you are engulfed in this loop, 

More and more it makes you think, 

Which world is truly yours, 

The one that seems outside,

Or the one that has consumed you!



  1. You never know what is beyond the black hole! It is because we have been taught since childhood to keep away from dark places. But what this darkness is the way forward towards a light, which is yet to be experienced?

    Very nicely written.


      • I love the astronomy metaphors. I have a friend who writes poetry and often employs space metaphors in her work. I’ve noticed recently I am gravitating toward the same. The night sky has often fascinated me. I like a previous person’s observation that perhaps the darkness of the black hole is guiding us to a more brilliant light.

        I’m in a dark orbit right now, but I am trying to find the constellation that feels like home.


      • Thanks for reading Isabelle and sharing your thoughts, I am very much fascinated and interested in astronomy and you will find more of such work on my blog. Do not worry sometimes even if you are surrounded with everything known, it still feels alien, you will find you space for sure. 😊


      • I can’t wait to read more of your work. I have often discussed with my tribe that we are aliens on a strange planet. I’m just trying my best to muddle my way through. Space is such a beautiful thing to me. It is full of oddities and peculiarities that beguile me.


      • Well i too get that feeling that I entirely do not belong to one space and there is this Unexplained need to explore more. I would be grateful to you if you take out your time to read my work, thanks a lot 😊


      • You might just be a part of my alien tribe then. Don’t feel alone because there are a few of us roaming this world. One is in Ireland. I’m in the Midwest region of the United States. We scatter this globe, but we are out there. We’ll welcome you. I too have this spirit that doesn’t feel like it’s settled in one space.

        I can’t wait to read more of your writing. Please feel free to read mine. Next week, I will be sharing some of my fiction, and the following week, I will be sharing more poetry.


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