A lesson from death

Most of us think that life is a battle, which is very true, But I think the greatest battle at an apocalyptic level is with death, more than a war it’s an acceptance, an agreement that our endeavours in life is short lived and will always have a conclusion. However, during this raging lifetime battle, death does allow us small victories, the victory of survival, the one which we can enjoy with oneself or someone we dearly love, I guess that gives a true meaning to our brief lives . And what these triumph teaches us, to be courageous when most terrified, to be strong willed when the weakest, to believe when faith is challenged and most importantly tolerance of both success and failures.. After all just not the beginning and continuity, end also has important lessons for us…



  1. Well written, Vinayak! Death, both in its fear and finality can teach us many lessons. It is in death that we learn to appreciate life. I love your take on this, my friend!


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