When I am gone

Can you see? 

I am wasting away while healing your scars, 

Each time a fragment of me expended, to fill your gaps, 

Understand some wounds can never be healed, 

You have to live with it, some which can be mended is through faith and love, 

But you are too obsessed in fixing your impaired world, 

That you fail to see the beauty of love, 

Don’t take me wrong, I still care for you, I am still ready to do anything for you, 

But don’t you see I have mined all my emotions for you, 

Now my heart is a hollow space, what am I going to fill it with? 

Sure it can’t be love because I have given it all to you,

I cant expect love from you, because that has never been your priority, 

Can’t you see? 

I am depleting slowly into a love deprived oblivion,

Into an endless coma, from which I may never come back,

What will you do? 

Will you look for me? 

Will you care? 

When I am gone!! 



  1. Felt this one, it’s like dealing with a narcissist which I know too well. We give and all they do is take with giving nothing in return. Excellent piece as always.


  2. Giving of ourselves is a wonderful feeling. But one can give too much away and be left feeling empty when they are not receiving in kind. We cannot allow ourselves to be consumed by others or we have nothing left for our own self love. This is a great post and wonderfully written! Well done, dear friend!


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